Taylor Swift Album Book Tag

I loved Taylor Swift during her early years and I love her more now. I don't say this lightly but Folklore and Evermore were key in surviving the crap storm that has been 2020/2021. I saw Nadia complete the Taylor Swift Album tag over at @thejourneyingbibliophile and I had to jump on the train! Books… Continue reading Taylor Swift Album Book Tag


What I will be reading for December

OH HEY DECEMBER! I don't usually but I have some challenges and joint reads coming up in December so I am making a list. I am also taking advantage of uni holidays and plan to spend the better part of the month reading and maybe drinking a few ales. Do you plan your reading in… Continue reading What I will be reading for December


Watt up Wattpad? (No seriously, help me).

Friends, I need your help! Naturally, my increased presence in the world of bookstagram and book blogs has inevitably led me to Wattpad. AND I AM OVERWHELMED Where do I start? What are you go to recommendations? I am so keen to explore the world of Wattpad and I am after your best go to's!… Continue reading Watt up Wattpad? (No seriously, help me).