If not now, when?

Hi, I’m Caitlan. I was previously an Occupational Therapist living in Australia. I became a full time expat and student again in 2020 and moved to South Korea. I spend most of my time reading (check out my book blog here) and exploring our new home with my husband, Ben.

I love a good fantasy novel, cold beer and hot coffee.

Ulsan Petroglyph Museum

I am so behind on posts… Do you ever fall off the rails a little? It is nice that we have been able to go out more now that it’s warmer so I have a bunch of day trips to post about! We still haven’t taken on Seoul.. only because COVID has made us weary… Continue reading Ulsan Petroglyph Museum

Busan for Seollal – Day one

It has been a quick minute since I have posted on here. I have had some stuff due for uni and with COVID restrictions and the cold weather I hadn’t had a lot to write about as we weren’t going anywhere new. BUT! We finally ventured beyond Ulsan over the Seollal (Lunar New Year) weekend… Continue reading Busan for Seollal – Day one


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