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Book review: Strange Gods by Alison Kimble

Review in 10-ish words: Equal parts creepy, adventurous and unique- fast paced YA. 3.5/5


When Spooky arrives at a camp for ‘troubled teens’ she figures sticking it out and not getting in trouble will be her biggest challenge for the summer. It’s the only way she is going to be allowed back home.

But when she ends up thrust into the woods surrounding the camp, she happens to run into a god. A god who just so happens to be in need of a human.

Now the stakes are a lot higher than just surviving camp. Spooky must bargain with gods and learn to outsmart them if she wants a home to get back to.

My thoughts:

This is a stellar read for young teens! I feel like it has all the elements early high school Caitlan would have loved – Camp of teenager misfits, creepy gods, relatable MC, friendships forged in the midst of the ‘weird otherworld.’

I loved the gods themselves, I thought this was a super creative and unique take which I found super interesting. The author’s strengths lie in her ability to give the reader really clear (but also super whacky) images of the gods and their worlds. I LOVED this element. The setting was a highlight for me. (Also if some talented artists could PLEASE make some fan art of Carcass that would be amazing).

Spooky definitely grew as the book developed. I love a character whose actions I can support and reason with. Even when she made mistakes. I liked that Spooky asks the questions I would want to ask, should I ever be put in the same situations (knock on wood).

I didn’t feel myself super attached to the side characters in the story.. I just didn’t connect with their relationships to Spooky as much as I would have liked.

Would recommend for 14+ readers, any one who loves whacky fantasy stories with a touch of creepiness!

Thank you to the author for providing me with an advanced readers copy in exchange for my honest review!

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