We stumbled upon a forest library

We made our first trip to Daegu on the weekend. We got doughnuts, we had coffee and we visited Apsan Park.

And then we found a forest library!

Tucked away at the bottom of the trails, was this delightful little building. I was immediately intrigued.

When we opened it, we found shelves of books- children’s and adults. Obviously most of them were in Korean. I did find one random book written in English on the Korean war though.

I hadn’t really seen a community/ drop in library like this in SK before this one. I know they are a thing in America, and occasionally I would see a social media post of one back home in Australia but I have never actually seen one.

I am always so amazed that they are just open all the time. I am also amazed at how well kept this one was- it was so tidy inside!

Of course I had to make my husband take some candid photos of me.

Daegu was so beautiful! I’m so excited to go back and do some hikes through the park.

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