Ulsan Petroglyph Museum

I am so behind on posts… Do you ever fall off the rails a little?

It is nice that we have been able to go out more now that it’s warmer so I have a bunch of day trips to post about! We still haven’t taken on Seoul.. only because COVID has made us weary of venturing too far away and to anywhere that is crowded.

One of the many stunning views on the walking track!

What is the Petroglyph museum?

Opened in 2008, the Ulsan Petroglyph museum is home to the Bandugae petroglyphs (National treasure no. 285) and Cheonjeon-ri Engraved Stones (National treasure no. 147).

The museum was great but personally I enjoyed the actual walk to the petroglyphs a lot more. It’s not a long walk and is easily doable (flat though gravelly).

We went in February on a particularly nice day- I would say it’s best to go outside of the rainy season.

The petroglyphs are right along on a branch of the Taewha river. They contain motifs of animals and people (mostly to do with hunting and what animals lived in the area). Dating puts them at about 1000 to 6000 BC.

Naturally we headed for burgers afterwards.

And, that naturally ended up with us finding a cute cafe.

We visited Ascent cafe (about a 15 minute drive from the Petroglyphs). It was very picturesque, very “for the gram.” The coffee was ok but it had a really cute view of the dam of water across the road and lovely tables.

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