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Book review: Blood and Sand by C.V.Wyk

Review in 10 words: Spartacus but make it a kick ass woman. 5/5


Blood and Sand follows Attia and Xanthus and is bounces between each of their POVs. In Attia we have a Thracian warrior heiress who has lost her people.

Her family has been killed and she finds herself merilessly sold as a slave and given to Xanthus as a prize for his wins. Xanthus is a tortured soul of a gladiator who had my heart from the get go.

This story is set in ancient Rome and we even get a little taste of Pompeii which I have not seen in many novels.. Ok, I have not seen Pompeii at all.

“If Attia got through the day without murdering someone, she would consider it a good day. Or she might just be sorely disappointed.”

My thoughts:

This is the first work I have read by C.V. Wyk and I am hopeful she blesses us with a Blood and Sand sequel sometime in the future!

The story is set in ancient Rome. It is exciting, it is action packed and I fell hard for both of the main characters. I also had a sweet spot for Lucius.

C.V. Wyk uses ancient Roman history as somewhat of a spring board for her story telling- This is not a historically accurate fiction but she has crafted a great world to read about. I especially loved reading her notes at the end about Roman history and how her book differed from what we know happened.

I love that this story could have happened. Somewhere there could have been an Attia and Xanthus. The pacing was good. I initially thought Xanthus and Attia’s relationship developed too quickly- but, it was ancient Rome. In my opinion it would have been a time where you had to live for the day!

This book was such a hidden gem and I am so happy a friend convinced me to read it. I didn’t need a lot of convincing… the story stands alone quite well and I was hooked from the very first chapter.

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