Busan adventures in a cable car

I love heights. Ben… not so much. But even he enjoyed Songdo Cable Car whilst we were in Busan.

Anyone else kind of want to be able to dive in?

For our last day in Busan we headed to the famous cable car. Located in Songdohaebyeon-ro it is well worth it and a simple bus ride from where we were staying on Yeongdo-Gu.

The centre is easily accessible and relatively affordable (a return trip ticket was 15,000 won per person for the “classic” cable car, we decided to opt out of the clear bottom). Personally, if I went again I would still go for the classic car, I didn’t really have an interest at staring directly down into the ocean.

The car takes you from Songnim Park over to Amnam Park, giving you a breathtaking view of the famous coastal walkway. According to Lonely Planet the trip is about 1.6km.

Once over in Amnam Park we enjoyed a robotic dinosaur exhibit they were running. There were some cool art displays and kids were going WILD. Ben and I also braved the stairs to see the Songdo Yonggung Suspension Bridge.

The view looking back towards Amnam Park.

Entry onto the bridge cost 1,000 won and we had to dial the obligatory COVID tracking phone number before we were allowed onto it. it was very busy and we got super lucky with a bright, clear, winter’s day.

I am so glad we got to go!

I would recommend going during the day, I am glad we did as in the early morning the visibility was not as good.

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