Audiobooks? Take them? Leave them? Kill them?

I have triedddddddd, ok?

I. have. tried.

And by tried, I mean I have partially listened to three different audiobooks with no will to continue them…

Don’t get me wrong- I 100% agree audiobook reading is READING. I hate seeing people online discredit audiobooks as “fake books.” That’s not my argument.

Here are the reasons I think I am unable to finish them:

  1. I have the audio attention span of a fly: I can easily block out sounds. I don’t know if it’s years of growing up in a loud family trying to do homework at a kitchen bench whilst my siblings yelled at each other and my mum yelled over them, but I find it so hard to focus on sound. This is great, because I can work almost anywhere. It’s not so great, because I think I am missing full chapters of the stories I am trying to listen to it’s throwing off the vibe.

2. I already give character’s voices: And they never match how the narrator voices them. I also read one recently that had an accent? Sir, I apologise but I cannot.

3. I read a lot of new adult, and occasionally dapple in romance: I cannot have someone read that out loud to me, through my ears.

These are ones I have been recommended as “good ones” but am yet to try:

Daisy Jones & The Six

I have been told that “Daisy Jones & The Six” has a real podcast vibe and is narrated excellently.

It follows the rise of a 1970’s rock band I have had so many friends rave to me about it!


I mean, he narrates himself. I could listen to Matthew McConaughey say anything for a couple of hours. He has such a beautiful voice.

I also feel like he would have some amazing stories within his memoir.

Do you have any audiobooks you would recommend? let me know!

2 thoughts on “Audiobooks? Take them? Leave them? Kill them?”

  1. I have never tried audiobooks and specifically for that very reason you’ve mentioned – I gave the characters in my books already voices from the first page 😊.
    But looking at the audiobook where Matthew McConaughey is the narrator, this just might be my first audiobook 😉.

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