South Korea

Busan for Seollal – Day two at Gamcheon Cultural Village

What a view, right?

We had been worried we would have nothing to do today. A lot of things and places were closed for the holiday but luckily, we decided to try our luck in Gamcheon and I am so glad we did!

Gamcheon cultural village is a seaside district in Busan made up of colourful houses built in a staircase like fashion. This gives the appearance of them being stacked on top of on another.

Gamcheon was a splash of colour on a particularly mild winter’s day.


Back in the 50’s Gamcheon was somewhat of a shanty town- nothing like the vibrant, art filled and restaurant dappled hub it is today.


Today, Gamcheon is a bustling tourist attraction, and one I’m glad I did not miss! The Korean government funded major renovations in 2009 and the results are amazing. As you walk through the streets and winding staircases you will find dozens of unique shops filled with handmade crafts and an art installation of some kind around every corner.

Did someone say Gelato?

After an afternoon of walking around Seomyeon, we headed back to Nampo for dinner.

Gamelgi Brewing Co.

We had to hit up a craft beer place. It wouldn’t be a getaway without some beers. Gamelgi was awesome! And a super close taxi from our hotel. I had the sampler paddle and my favourite was the Gose, a close second was the IPA.

I shared some fried chicken with Laura and then we walked around BIFF square markets a little more. All in all, a great day.

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