Book review: We Are Meridians

This will be a quicker review than normal!

300 years of evolution has allowed a race of humans to evolve into Meridians. When a hostile group steal a mysterious yet dangerous artefact and expedition is led.

“We are Meridians” follows Elmyra- a disgraced cadet who finds herself in the centre of the conflict and must trust in an unlikely band of allies to save not only themselves, but also to secure the future of their peoples.

My thoughts:

The author sets up a complex world quite seamlessly and I loved the creativity especially around the use of technology.

In Elmyra’s character we were presented with concepts of trauma, love, acceptance and also personal conflict. I found her refreshing and her dialogue shone through the book quite well. Although I had difficulty connecting with her backstory as it didn’t feel as developed as I would have liked.

The book seemed to slow down towards the second third of the story as the world building got a little heavy and I was wanting more plot/action. It also has some very stereotypical aspects.. (Do aliens have to always land in USA? Is this some kind of literary rule I missed?)

The story does pick up again though and I found the end of the book and the accompanying development of the other characters really enjoyable. The author has set up a unique universe for future stories.

(I was provided a complementary copy of this book by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review).

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