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Busan for Seollal – Day one

It has been a quick minute since I have posted on here. I have had some stuff due for uni and with COVID restrictions and the cold weather I hadn’t had a lot to write about as we weren’t going anywhere new.

BUT! We finally ventured beyond Ulsan over the Seollal (Lunar New Year) weekend and checked out Busan. The national holiday meant Ben could take advantage of two extra days off, so we made it count.

BIFF Square and Busan Modern History Museum

We packed A LOT into this trip. I am keen for next time to be a bit slower and chill but we were just so excited. We took the KTX from Ulsan to Busan (which is about a 20 minute ride) and checked into our hotel on Yeongdo Island.

We started our journey in BIFF Square. It is named after the Busan International Film Festival and home to many markets, cafes, restaurants and of course- street eats!

We could have honestly spent hours here alone. There were hundreds of stalls.

Highlights for me were finding a book shop with a film theme (including a cinema reading area), the food markets! Especially the Hotteok!

“HOTTEOK: Korean sweet pancakes. A piece of heaven.”

Watching the men make the Hotteok was a delight in itself! They roll the dough and fill it with a kind of sugary powder, fry it and then fill it with nuts- the sugary powder melted and it was just all kinds of warm, sweet goodness. Perfect for Winter.

After BIFF Square, we checked out the Busan Tower (which, unfortunately, was closed) and then after a quick coffee break we visited the Busan Modern History Museum.

Gwangalli Beach

For the evening, we met up with our friend, Laura and checked out Gwangalli Beach! It was beautiful at night but I’m so keen to go back and explore during the day.

We had dinner at Baobab and then had some more craft beers at Sol Taphouse- was delish and just what we needed after a big day of walking. I think Ben said we hit about 15,000 steps?

Stay tuned for day two and three!

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