Book review: Siren’s Song by Michelle Manus

Review in roughly 10 words: Creative and unique urban fantasy that explores love, belonging and having your own back. Finished in a day and a half.

Siren’s Song follows Siren, a woman who is haunted by her past and has been on the run since she was sixteen. She is stalked by nightmarish creatures. Leaping from town to town is her only means of survival and respite. Siren has always been comfortable leaving places and people behind- until she meets Jace Winters and her whole world is turned on its head.

Can we also just note how kick ass the name “Siren Savage” is?

My thoughts:

Siren’s Song is a fresh, new-concept, urban fantasy. The magic system was a welcome change from a lot of the other fantasy books I have been reading lately. It made the book impossible to put down. I would recommend to lovers of new adult/young adult (though, I would mention there are explicit sex scenes so more on the older side of the “young adult” category).

If readers love urban/low fantasy novels such as those by Dima Zales, Laura Thalassa or Jennifer L Armentrout this would be a great read! It is not heavy on the romance but the relationship and the story telling combined with the presence of a strong, female protagonist was fantastic.

I flew through it and the writing made the book very easy to read. It was polished and I wanted to give a special mention to the dialogue- it elevated the book in my opinion. The characters had distinct voices and their traits showed well throughout the book.

The author has crafted a relatable protagonist in Siren- she is anything but helpless and she takes control through the entire book. I loved that I could relate to her decision making and her motivations. I also found the romance scenes were very woman friendly/ feminist and well done.

The last quarter of the book felt a little rushed compared to the rest of the story but it was still engaging and did not lose the plot. Where the book ended has left me excited to read the next instalment of the Aspect Society series!

(I was provided with a copy of this book from Reedsy Discovery in exchange for an honest review.)

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