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A trip to Ulsan Metropolitan Library

I braved the city last week and finally visited the library- Something I had been wanting to do for weeks but that I had been avoiding.

I think I was worried I would be disappointed, maybe? I was very wrong!

I had been worried there wouldn’t be much of a range of books written in English. I was so pleasantly surprised and ended up becoming a member. (spot my cute library card and bookmark)

Ulsan Metropolitan Libary is located right along the river, about a 20 minute walk from Samsan-dong. This is a fair distance from our house but nothing a bus can’t solve. There are three levels, “phone rooms”, wifi, computers, a book cafe and many a reading nook.

It took us a while to find the English section… I first found the “multicultural section” which had books written in every language but Korean and English- there was surprisingly a large German range!

We did eventually find the section! This was a small part of the English books they have on offer (there are probably 10 -15 more shelves this size!

I was surprised by how many genres there were.

This was my first haul from the library and I already have a bunch more I want to get next time! Ben picked out one book and is concerned he will need longer than two weeks. I have full faith he can finish it.

The librarian was so helpful and the process for getting a membership card was super easy! She taught me how to use the borrowing function and where to return.

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