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Book review: The Traitor Queen by Danielle L Jensen

Review in ten words: She did it again. I am emotionally broken. Lara forever. 5/5

How to consume: I read this over a few Jameson’s. It was a ride. There may have been some drunk sobbing at one point- but also some chuckling. You have been warned.


The story picks up where we left off in The Bridge Kingdom. Lara has been exiled from Ithicana and named a traitor. Aren has been taken prisoner by her father; the Maridrinian King and all around scumbag of a human.

Lara learns of Aren’s capture and knows her father is using her husband to lure her in. We are introduced to some new kick ass characters and learn more about Lara’s past, including her family.

“Just because I can see the clouds in the sky doesn’t mean I can predict where the lightning will strike.”

My thoughts:

Did you Love Bridge Kingdom?
Do you feel like having your heart stomped on and then saying thank you for it?
Then Traitor Queen might just be the book for you.

Bridge Kingdom was one of my top reads for 2020. It had everything I wanted; action, romance, plot, characters I would die for.

And although the Traitor Queen was a little more angsty than Bridge Kingdom I was still HOOKED. I clung to any interaction Lara and Aren had like a dang life raft. I knew these characters so well from book one and now love them even more.

I may be biased- but Lara deserves the world and I won’t hear otherwise. I will stand and die on that opinion. Aren should be so lucky and his constant to-ing and fro-ing tended to frustrate me from midway onwards. His inner conflict knocked me around but I just feel like he needed a good shake of the shoulders.

In between bouts of holding my breath and crying I was laughing- I LOVED Lara’s sisters. Her brother; Keris is one of my new favourites. He has me so excited for book three and what we may see of him.

I need to give a SPOILER warning for my top moments from the book:
1. Lara being sunburnt with her ass in the air and almost choking herself out will forever make me laugh. (“I’ll see you later pretty girl,” – “You better hope not.”)
2. Aren holding Lara in the middle of the lake.
3. The dance performance at the compound and the entire action sequence that came after it.
4. The Ithicanians roaring for Lara to swim against the sharks.
5. A pregnant Sarhina pinning Aren to the ground at knife point – If that ain’t the mark of sisterly love then I don’t want it.
6. Also- THE MAP! Ahhhh I wish I had had it in book one!

I remain a die hard Danielle L Jensen fan. I need the third book. Also I need to move to Ithicana.

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      1. I’ve only read the first one of The Malediction trilogy. But I have Dark Shores in my TBR and hope to read that one whenever I get through the other ones. Someone told me they *hated* the way The Malediction trilogy ended–I confess that only made me more intrigued, haha. ๐Ÿ™‚

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