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Book review: Charity’s Torment by Ann-Marie Davis

Review in ten words: Finished in two days. Quick, brutal and addictive. Bella. 3/5

How to consume: With an icy cold gin and apple juice, of course. But if that doesn’t do it for you just grab something sweet and cozy on in.


After her brother goes missing, Charity must rely on her position within the Moreno Mafia to help find him, whilst trying to stay alive and hide her real life from her parents.
Charity balances the affections of Luca, Max and Nico whilst maintaining her deadly role as the mafia’s enforcer.
Charity’s Torment is a reverse harem, dark, mafia romance. It contains some pretty heavy content (torture, blood and violence) which readers should be aware of before reading.
It is the first installment in the Morena Mafia series and will be released on 1st February.

“I had a love hate relationship with playing a weak woman. No one expected a meek and mild woman to utterly annihilate a fully grown man.”

My thoughts

(Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am providing an honest review.)

I finished this book in two days. I feel like that is a pretty good indicator of how addictive Ann-Marie’s writing style is. Although some of the content is heavy and not recommended for some readers, I found the writing to flow well and it kept me captivated.

The romance was a little bit of a slow burn but the story more than compensated to keep my attention. It’s cleverly written and it’s steamy.

My final note reads “You cannot leave me like thisssss.” I am dying to know what happens next! If you are looking for something to fly through and something that will keep you on the edge of your seat, then this is for you.

Although the plot was well established I wanted more of the characters. I would have loved more description of the three love interests to give me a clearer vision of them in my head. This is further hindered as the entire book is from Charity’s POV. However, even with the description lacking, subtle differences in interactions between Charity and Luca, Nico and Max kept each of the relationships very distinct from one another.

I enjoyed Charity’s character. She is a refreshing change to your average romance genre protagonist. There is an element of control the Moreno men have over her but it was clear she also holds power of them and she has some deep, twisted parts of her which I would love to see be explored further in the additional books.

As much as I loved her relationships with the men of the Moreno mafia (Luca especially) I didn’t believe in the authenticity of Charity’s relationship with her brother. I wasn’t convinced she cared about him enough to warrant risking so much to find him. I would love to see more about their relationship in the next books.

The author recommends His Obsession is read prior to Charity’s Torment. Though I didn’t read it and still found the story to be captivating.

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