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New Years Eve at Yong Gung Temple

An oceanside temple, Korean Bbq, Bayleys spiked coffee in the park- New Years was pretty great this year.

Whilst Ben was stuck at work I travelled about 45 minutes outside of Ulsan- Thank god for good friends with cars!

HaeDong Yong Gung is a Buddhist temple positioned on the rocky coastline. It was constructed in 1376.

We had been afraid the temple would be closed before the pandemic! In Korea it is common for people to travel to temples to see the first sunrise of the New Year. Luckily they were not planning to close the gates until 9 pm so we had plenty of time to explore.

We descended the 108 steps into the main area of the temple. As we entered we placed a coin on our zodiac signs- Mine was the monkey.

Apparently this is the largest monk statue in Korea!

My friend explained it is custom to leave offerings of food at the temples. It was not busy whilst we were there. It was quiet and peaceful.

For a Winter’s day the weather really turned it on for us!

After we had walked around we headed back to the car for a cute coffee picnic before driving back to the city

COVID meant NYE celebrations were a little different this year. Not bad necessarily, just different. I FINALLY got to have some Korean BBQ. It was well worth the wait and has left me wanting more… It was becoming a little shameful. Being in Korea for four months and not having gone.

The day finished with a stroll around Ulsan Grand Park. We got coffees, added some Bayleys and enjoyed the Winter night. Unfortunately the Christmas lights had been turned off (potentially to limit numbers and reduce risk of infection) but the park was still so pretty.

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