South Korea

Our first Expat Christmas.

2020 was a big year. But it ended with us enjoying our first Christmas living in South Korea!

It was not our first Christmas away from home- technically that was two years ago on holiday in Scotland. That is one of my most favorite travel memories- a rowdy Christmas Eve followed by a recovering Christmas Day, dining on Indian food and strolling through the park- Bliss.

This one felt different. It was a Christmas where we were living away from home. Not just visiting somewhere- Living somewhere new. I talked to some of our new found friends and it seems Christmas for expats is always a little bitter sweet.

For South Korea specifically, we didn’t enjoy the long stretch of time off like in Australia. Ben had Christmas Day off, enjoyed a three day weekend and then was back at work come Monday.

Keeping some traditions alive

  1. I made Ben watch Love actually on Christmas Eve. I always watch it around Christmas time.. I end up swearing I hate Alan Rickman for breaking Emma Thompson’s heart and that idiot with the cardboard signs can go jump.. but I love it. It always feels like Christmas!
  2. We still opened presents Christmas morning and enjoyed a lazy breakfast. I made ben a scarf- see above!
  3. Although we didn’t have a tree, we still put up some Christmas lights and got a Christmas wizard Santa..

Making new traditions and memories

  1. We went for a walk in the winter chill. This was such a novelty. I’m so used to sweating and craving inside air on on Christmas Day. It felt fun to wear Christmas sweaters and rug up!
  2. We made a gingerbread house! I want this to be a new tradition. It was so fun and I continued to munch on it for days after.

Christmas night we had friends of ours over. It was a little more stressful than hosting back home. Trying to find typical foods I would serve in Korean supermarkets was a little hectic- but we managed to hunt down some snacks!

It was fun to enjoy the day with bunch people also living away from home! We mixed Jameson with Baileys, ate homemade curry and watched the first Harry Potter movie at 2 am – Which IS a Christmas movie. As we surmised after a heated debate.

It came and went, I missed home and I missed our usual family traditions. But it will make it all the more sweeter when we get to go home and enjoy them again!

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