Anyone else been whacked in the face by 2021?

I have been so absent on here. I m telling myself it’s because I needed a break at the end of the crap heap that was 2020.

BUT I AM BACK BABY! I am so keen to commit to some reading goals this year whilst I tackle the last year of my Masters. I am going in with three nice, clean goals:


I don’t know why I picked 95. 100 seemed too intimidating for some reason. I wanted to go with a higher number than last year because reading has been a way for me to be mindful- it makes me feel present and plus it connects me to all of my wonderful online bookish friends.


A few weeks back, over on Instagram I wrote a post about some diverse releases I was keen to read in 2021. I think it’s everyone’s responsibility to read outside of their comfort zone. We should be reading things that force us to question or at least reflect on our values and ideas. the Read Harder challenge by Book Riot is a great resource if you’re looking for tips!


I started writing a book in late 2020. I have almost deleted it three times. Writing is hard. Not the actual writing but the self doubt that comes with it? I have frequent thoughts of worthlessness (no one is ever going to read this, there are millions of books out there that are written better, this is stupid)- so it’s become somewhat of a mental and emotional standoff with myself. I keep reminding myself that I love writing. And that should be reason enough to continue.


By the end of 2021 I want to have my thesis DONE- maybe published! I am starting to get nervous as the semester gets closer but I loved study last year. I will love it again once I get into the swing of it and recover from the whiplash of holidays.

What are your goals for this year???

3 thoughts on “Anyone else been whacked in the face by 2021?”

  1. I don’t set number goals. I don’t believe in putting pressure on yourself like that. My only goal is to read, and to enjoy what I’m reading. Period.

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