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Book review: The Bridge Kingdom by Danielle L. Jensen

Review in 10 words: Prepare to be emotionally wrecked. Book hangover unavoidable. Queen Lara.  5/5

How to consume: Find yourself a bar. Preferably near a sea port. Drink cheap whiskey and read until you are sprawled across the bar- Put anyone in their place if they tell you to go home. Just really embrace your inner Lara. (In all seriousness harsh whiskey is my go to rec for this book- even if it’s just casually enjoyed on the lounge)

Lara has fought for her place. She has trained as a spy and warrior since she was a child. She is the Princess of Mardirina, daughter of King Silas and is set to become the Queen of the Bridge Kingdom; Ithicana in order to fulfll a 15 year treaty.

She has one goal: infiltrate Ithicana and bring the King and his kingdom to their knees. She is a bad ass and we love her.

But we also love Aren; King of Ithicana.. the plot thickens.

“Ithicana would pay for its crimes against her people, and by the time she was through with its king, he’d do more than bend. He’d bleed.”

My thoughts:

This was my first novel by Danielle L Jensen and I am a CONVERT. This is the issue with being a reader. We fall in love with new authors and all of a sudden we have an entire new back catalog to get through. 

I had been recommended The Bridge Kingdom by several of my bookish friends- and now I know why. It has everything I love- a no holds barred protagonist, morally grey motives, sexual tension for days, insane world building, plot plot plot. 

Danielle’s world creating flows so naturally. At no point did I feel like she was labouring through development or info dumping on me-  I was so invested in the story and by the end of the book she had built me this whole world that I had barely even noticed it. On saying that, I would have LOVED a map. But apparently there is one in the sequel; Traitor Queen so I am keen to see that. 

The story keeps an amazing pace. The characters are complex; stand out favourites are of course Lara. But I loved Aren and Ahnna

There were moments in this book where my heart was thudding. THUD-DING. I have key scenes from this head that will now live in my head rent free for as long as I need. 

If you’re looking for espionage, political intrigue, reconnaissance and a slow burn enemies to lovers between the two kick ass characters then this is the book for you. 

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