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Series review; The Wicked Trilogy by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Review in 10 words: Fairies, attitude and angst. Easy indulgence for a lazy afternoon. 2.5/5

How to consume: This series is hot in more ways than one. Best read by the pool, or by a lake. Heck, by any body of water. I read it in the bath. I would enjoy with something fruity… maybe a sour beer or a Bellini if you’re feeling fancy.

Beats: The Heavy August Rain and Thunder white sound by Tmsoft gave me all the New Orleans vibes.

Series synopsis:

The Wicked Trilogy follows Ivy- a member of a secret order whose sole purpose is to protect mortals from the evil fae.
Ivy carries a dark secret that haunts her and would likely destroy her if anyone found out. She shows a near constant inner conflict between living the life she was born into and wanting something more for herself.
In the first book she meets Ren. He has been sent to hunt and kill the halfling. The child of a fae and mortal who has the potential to destroy the world.
In a series of events we learn that the order is not what it seems and Ivy and Ren must determine a new way forward to save the world.

Sometimes we do things or we enable things to happen that we can never go back and change. Maybe our shit choices aren’t truly forgivable, and the only thing we can do is learn from them and not make them again.”

My thoughts:

I am a newly reformed JLA fan. And I will say she is reliable, she gives pace and she knows what she is about.

This book was no exception.

After reading the FBAA series earlier this year I had high expectations and although the Wicked trilogy didn’t rate as highly in my books (lol), it did reel me in. I liked the characters, I enjoyed the setting and it was a captivating plot- for the most part. Though there were several grammatical and spelling errors throughout the three books.. It can be distracting if you’re a stickler for that kind of thing.

I hadn’t read a contemporary fantasy book in a while and this series was a fun way to break up my TBR.

I did not love the covers. At all. It feels .. off for some reason. But I also just have a dislike for real humans on covers.. so it may just be me.

Characters: I liked Ivy’s character on the whole- I did find her cringey in some aspects. And a little unbelievable. Ren was enjoyable for the majority of the series but at times I just found myself annoyed. Some of their flirtation and dialogue just made me feel a little..

My favourite character by far was Tink. His dialogue was very predictable but it was part of his character and I think that made him more palatable. His transition was one of my favourite plot twists of the series.

FLOW: The first book flowed pretty well, but I found the second book super slow for the first half and then it took off like a rocket. It did leave me excited for book 3- so it did its job in that respect.

Brave (book 3) was the book I had the most issues with. It felt very rushed at the end. It was as if JLA had built up to a certain ending for the majority of the 2nd and 3rd books, and focused on this for 80% of the read, and then in the last 20% changed the plot created an extremely different ending and it was all over in a flash. The last couple of chapters just left me a bit underwhelmed.

On saying that, I know there are a bunch of novellas that follow this series so maybe they would add to the story. As a stand alone I feel the series ending could have been better executed.

Overall, it was an ok series. It let me escape for a few hours. The first book is also being made into a movie by Passionflix (more info here) so that’s always fun!

A Stock photo was used in this post: Photo by Jasmin Whiscy on Unsplash

4 thoughts on “Series review; The Wicked Trilogy by Jennifer L. Armentrout”

    1. It had some good elements it just definitely wasn’t my favourite! I think I set myself up for failure by reading from blood and ash so recently..

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  1. Huh, I never heard of this series. On the one hand it does seem like something I’d like as a popcorn read, but also do I want to spend more time indulging myself in cheesy books? Hmmm, maybe haha. Great review!

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