My first DNF of 2020 – RIP LITRPG

I tried guys. I got so close.

I made a goal about a month ago to start throwing a few Wattpad books into my reading rotation. I thought it would be a fun way to branch into other genres and give my poor bank account a break. I have also recently started writing again and it always feels less lonely to read things people have written and are seeking feedback from.

But. I started Nova Terra by Seth Ring in November and I have made the decision to put it down.

Nova Terra: Titan follows Xavier, who undertakes a 2 year stint in an AR game so he can undergo experimental medical treatment. The game is set in a universe known as Nova Terra where you can earn skills, complete challenges and tasks and join others.

It opens up an entire world of opportunity for Xavier. Due to his medical condition he often finds himself isolated and limited by his physical body.

There was nothing particularly wrong with the book. The writing was sound, the premise was clear. And it’s highly rated and voted on Wattpad so it’s definitely popular.

But I got 14 chapters in and I hadn’t really connect with Xavier. I wasn’t sure what he would be doing in Nova Terra and I didn’t care enough to continue reading. This may have been a little too far out of my wheelhouse.

I am thankful for this book as it introduced me to game literature / RPG literature. Before finding this book I wasn’t aware there was a whole genre surrounding game play. The again, I learnt only last week that there is a whole subgenre of hockey player based romance. So I guess there is something for everyone.

RPG literature of LITRPG:literary genre combining the conventions of computer RPGs with science-fiction and fantasy novels. (thanks Wiki)

I can, however, see the appeal for people who are super into gaming! I occasionally play games (currently playing the witcher) but I was never someone who could grind, i’m definitely more of an occasional player.

I think for this redhead in particular – Games and literature are like Tequila and yoga: They can both be fun but probably best they’re kept separate.

Have you read any #litrpg

Stock Photo by Lux Interaction on Unsplash

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