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BEST FEMALE PROTAGONIST 2020 #bookishawards2020

The prompt for day 2 of #bookishawards2020 was “Best female actor” or best female protagonist.

Who was your best female protagonist for 2020? Let me know in the comments!

(You can find details of the challenge on my day 1 blog post here or at Helenaoferetz on Instagram).

Best female protagonist

Now, this isn’t going to be a winner for this category. There were a lot of releases for 2020 with great female protagonists. But I feel like I had to mention this one anyway. Eleanor Oliphant was such a refreshing read for me.

Ideally I would meet Eleanor in a bar and we could share a few Magners. I didn’t have any Magners in the fridge for the above photo but I think she would appreciate the sentiment of an Angry Orchard.

I would be friends with Eleanor (I mean, she would loathe me. But I’d still try). I love that Gail Honeyman was so brutally honest in this book. Eleanor didn’t get a clean ending, and her existence didn’t revolve around falling in love.

Eleanor’s story reminds us that trauma rarely ever leaves us, and that growth and loving yourself is the best romance there is.

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