Watt up Wattpad? (No seriously, help me).

Friends, I need your help! Naturally, my increased presence in the world of bookstagram and book blogs has inevitably led me to Wattpad.


Where do I start? What are you go to recommendations?

I am so keen to explore the world of Wattpad and I am after your best go to’s!

Read if, like me, you have been living under a rock and also have not used Wattpad:

Wattpad is a platform that connects writers with readers, basically. It’s a great way to read work by authors you likely have not stumbled across before and you can give them feedback! If you’re interested in writing and having people see your work then Wattpad might also be for you.

I started using Wattpad to supplement my reading on uni holidays. I also wanted to try out some new genres!

What I have lined up:

These are the titles I have lined up and ready to go in my library. Have you read any? Let me know your thoughts in the comments:

Nova Terra: Titan

Author: Seth Ring High ranking fantasy and Scifi
I stumbled across this in my initial perusal and am now 12 chapters in. The story follows Xavier who embarks on a journey in an Alternate Reality Game; Nova Terra. This is not something I would usually read and it is my first experience in Gamelit or LitRPG So I am keen to do a review once I’m done.

Ten reasons not to die

Author: Ricelover Short story with 5.5 mil views
I haven’t started this yet but the author’s tagline had me intrigued enough to add it to my library. “Give me ten days, and I can give you ten reasons not to die.”

Dark Objects

Author: Jada Trainor Romance and adventure
I don’t know how I stumbled across this one but the synopsis grabbed my attention!


Author: Kennedy Trent Watty award winner 2019
I loved the cover and the fact it was voted for a Wattpad award last year encouraged me to add it to my library.

Thanks for reading!

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