South Korea

If I had a dollar for every time I ended up drinking beer barefoot in a Pagoda at 1 am..

I would have one dollar. It’s not a lot but it’s worth mentioning that it happened even once. This weekend I had one of my most memorable experiences in Ulsan yet and it ended with this view.

Ben and I had arranged to go to a vegetarian restaurant with friends we met at JJ’s pub (I will fill you guys in on this place soon!)

The restaurant is called 단지 (Danji) and it is in the Jung-gu district. The trip would involve two buses from our house. We were feeling brave and figured we would manage that fine. Hind sight is a wonderful thing. Our first bus went off without a hitch.. Our second connecting bus was scheduled 40 minutes later than we anticipated, and then never showed.

So Ben and I sat huddled in the bus shelter whilst the harsh Autumn winds rattled us. We eventually managed to get a taxi and concurred a beer was needed once we made it to this restaurant. The experience also established one of our first Korean lessons; If it needs two buses, just take the taxi.

We arrived at 단지 and smiled politely as we were told it was a dry restaurant. We accepted sparkling apple juice (which was absolutely delicious) and were then reassured there was a place 10 minutes down where we could have a beer after dinner.

The feast we had more than made up for the absence of a good beer!

It is not impossible to find vegetarian options in Ulsan. But it’s not the easiest thing in the world either. Danji’s menu was AMAZING. We had the veggie Bulgogi and the Crispy fried mushrooms. We also got served a bunch of sides to enjoy as a group. The restaurant was empty for the time we ate there. It felt very homely as the owner chopped vegetables at the other end of the dining room.

After dinner we headed to “The Crown” around the corner. We had developed a thirst that only beer could slake. After confirming the litre beers were indeed not for group drinking our two friends politely ordered 500mL beers. Ben and I proceeded to order a 1 L beer. Each.

Warmed by a jacket of alcohol, a decision was made to grab an additional beer from the CU and head to the nearby Pagoda.

Don’t ask me where this Pagoda is exactly, or what it is called. I can’t tell you that. I CAN tell you it involved walking down a dirt path amongst trees, led by a phone light. I can also tell you it was well worth it.

I mean, come on. Wow.

Now, it is important to note I had worn cute lace up shoes that were not complemented by socks. This was fine. Up until we had to take our shoes off to step onto the pagoda. But the show must go on and I tried my best to block out the icy throbbing in my feet to enjoy the view. This was difficult when it was 2 degrees outside at 1 in the morning, but totally worth it.

After all, everything seems a little less worrisome drinking a beer with a view.

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