A trip to Ulsan Grand Park to see the leaves.

On Saturday we ventured to Ulsan Grand Park. Finished in 2006, it is located in the Ok-Dong area and is the largest urban park in South Korea with 3.69 Kilometres squared of park land. We thought we had seen the majority of the park on our walk. However, we later learned we had failed to see the Zoo or the Rose Garden. Apparently they are based at the other end of the park. Lucky we live close by and can go for another visit.

On the way to the park we grabbed some lunch at a Bagel cafe right near the entrance. The lady was super lovely and the pizza bagel I had was delish.

We found a bench near the park entrance and enjoyed a view of the lake. The water was super clean and clear and there were lots of people out and about enjoying the pleasant weather.

After we finished our bagels we started walking. I had my Macbook that I had been carrying in a bag (don’t ask why, it’s a long story). ANYWAY, Ben had been reminding me all day not to leave it anywhere, I retorted that I was not five and I wouldn’t lose a laptop I was lugging around.


I left it on the park bench and proceeded to walk off and look at trees and admire the water. After about ten minutes of walking I gasped, Ben looked at me and then rolled his eyes, “You forgot the laptop didn’t you?”

Picture a panicked redhead running at full pace through the park, past the peaceful and calm families just trying to enjoy their Saturday.

The laptop was still sitting on the same bench, so everything worked out fine. Ben continued to check that I had the laptop all day and I no longer had a leg to stand on. I tried to save grace by reminding him how good it is that Korea is so safe and everyone is so lovely. I don’t think my macbook would have still been there if we were in Newcastle or Sydney..

Worth it for the pretty trees though, huh?

We swapped between masks off and masks on for photos- But I think it’s important to document travel through a pandemic honestly. And honestly, we had masks on all day apart from when eating our bagels.

I don’t think I have ever seen a cleaner park. There was no rubbish, no vandalism and nothing was broken. It always surprises me because there are next to no public rubbish bins in Korea. I regularly need to put my rubbish in my backpack until I get home or I can find a bin.

We found a really cool walkway next. There were two sides; one where the leaves had been swept clear and one where the leaves had been left to pile up. It was relaxing to walk through a decent amount of leaves and hear and feel the crunching. I couldn’t help but kick them a little. I smiled watching the kids around us pick up handfuls and throw them into the sky- or at their parents.

I am so excited to return again and again to Ulsan Grand Park. Especially to see it in Spring and find this mystical zoo that apparently exists somewhere inside of it.

We also saw tandem bike rentals… so stay tuned.

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